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Oh oh oh. In this somewhat special Christmas period with the sanitary conditions we know, the French platform brings even more cheerfulness to an already very cheerful Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market. If you are still little known about the Kryll project, we recommend that you first take a look at the feature article previously published on Thecointribune. In a nutshell, one of the things that sets apart today is its revolutionary editor WYSWYT “What You See is What You Trade”. What’s new on to wait for Christmas by trading Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies: the arrival of on the futures market with compatibility Binances Futures Firstly. Kryll Christmas Edition will be available in closed beta on the waiting list only, hurry and subscribe, this version is 100% free! Use our priority code COINTRIBUNE on the form to participate!


Feedback on the French project which is reinventing the way of building your automated trading strategies

Concretely, the solution solution allows you to edit automated trading strategies in crypto markets without any notion of computer programming, everything is done intuitive and visual way on the WYSWYT editor. In addition, the solution is accessible in several languages ​​(French, English and Spanish) directly on the internet (Cloud) by logging into your account., nothing to install on your computer. Once on the interface, you can creer and backtest your trading strategies unlimited and for free! And best of all, if you don’t have time to build your own strategy, you can always choose from the over 200 strategies available on the Marketplace. You can also count on very active French, Anglo-Saxon and Hispanic communities if you wish to discuss with others on the best strategies to adopt, the evolution of BTC price etc …

The success of is therefore natural with enormous added value for any beginner or experienced trader who wishes to automate his strategies. Today the platform already brings together more than 30,000 users for an amount of trades that amounts to more than $ 500 million… just that.

The arrival of in the crypto Futures market, what does that mean exactly?

The smart trading tool revisited

Futures are financial instruments, also called derivative products, they are a sought-after object for traders because they provide a significant leverage effect. This means that your earnings can be very large if market conditions are right for the derivative you are buying. On the other hand, the converse is also true, so your losses may turn out to be larger than with conventional financial products, so it is necessary to handle them with care.

One thing is certain, the trading community on was eagerly awaiting the arrival of future contracts on the platform to also automate strategies on these specific contracts. The whole team of has therefore worked hard to offer this new solution to its users. And what better than to offer this for Christmas! So it is first in a closed beta version (see link to the request form above) of the interface that Futures will be supported, with compatibility with the futures of the platform Binance initially, then an opening to other Futures contracts. The Beta thus makes it possible to use the trading strategy editor but also terminal trading on the Futures market. As you will have understood, Kryll puts all its best tools at your disposal so that you can profit from Futures.

In order to best match this new market, tools have been optimized.

So on this “Christmas Edition” the tool of Smart Trading, which is now widely used by traders, is getting a makeover to become a dedicated terminal trading to “Futures” contracts. On this interface you can configure everything. You can then perform the following operations:

Achieve your technical analyzes on the graph showing the evolution of the price, on this graph you can also directly choose your entry points. The take profit and stop loss. It is also possible to adjust the leverage without forgetting the trailing stop loss as well as the Timeout which are also fully configurable on this terminal trading tool.


Finally, as an informed trader, you will be able to monetize your “smart trades” if other users decide to take over the parameters of your trade in the Futures market with one click.

And since a picture is sometimes better than a thousand words, take a look at what the Kryll interface looks like in this special Christmas beta edition instead, it makes you want to trade there ASAP, doesn’t it? Come on, we’ll take you on a quick tour of the owner of this interface.

  1. First, select the type of trade that you want to achieve: Long if you anticipate a rise in the price and Short if you anticipate a drop.
  2. At any time, you can follow and view the history of your positions taken in the market.
  3. To start, select the initial amount you want to invest in the trade, then set your the sink in order to define the total amount that you commit to the trade and then choose your entry point on the market in “Limit”, “Market” or “Conditional” mode
  4. To continue, set the levels at which you want to take your profits or limit your losses if the price moves inversely to your trade. You have the option of defining these levels as a percentage of your investment or directly by presenting a price level that you want to reach before taking your profits or losses.
  5. For even more ease of use, you can also define your profit-taking or loss limit settings directly on the graph. Here we find the whole idea of ​​ to simplify trading by making it more visual!
  6. Then set the stop loss trailing as well as the Timeout for the completion of your trades.
  7. Finally, if you are proud of your trade, share it with one click to other users. In this case, you will receive commissions for each user who initiates this trade in turn. So, ready to become a real Bitcoin trading star on the Kryll platform?'s exclusive terminal trading for this Christmas edition allowing you to trade Futures
Terminal trading to optimize your trades!

The strategy editor is given new specific bricks!

The other revolutionary tool deployed by is the editor “What you see is what you trade”. Well, in the closed beta Christmas Edition, you will see new action bricks appear on the interface to automate strategies specific to the Futures market. Thus, you will be able to use the action buttons “SHORT” “LONG” and “CLOSE” and integrate them with the other buttons for editing visual strategies that represent sequences of actions leading to actions. Here we find the “If – Then” programming logic without having to master any notions of IT development, So who said you had to be a geek to become a pro trader in the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency market?

Once you have set up your automated strategy on the interface, there is only one thing left to do: Backtest your strategy! This allows you to validate or not its profitability on historical market data. So you can immediately visualize the potential of your strategy. Important thing: is the only platform on the market to integrate exchange fees into the profitability results of backtests! So what you see is really what you trade for you! In the backtest logs you also have the cost in KRL of the strategy for the defined period.

The interface What you see is what you trade incorporates new bricks to automate your strategies on the futures market
The publisher incorporates new bricks for trading Futures

Finally, if you do not have the time to set up your own automated trading strategy, you can soon find on the Kryll marketplace, already pre-configured strategies dedicated to Futures markets.

So, with all that, you now have the right tools to seize the opportunities offered by the Futures contract market. In addition, if you want to know more about the Bitcoin Futures market, we advise you this article previously published on Thecointribune which goes into the details of this market and what it represents for the Bitcoin market in particular.


In conclusion, and you will understand, the platform is well suited to beginners who will be able to learn the tools and test them sufficiently before getting started or simply choose a pre-configured strategy. The interface is also suitable for experienced traders who will find all the advanced parameters necessary for the implementation of a strategy on the Futures market, a market eagerly awaited by the community who thus receives a beautiful Christmas present. ! This is all the more a gift as the closed beta Christmas Edition is free at the moment, so don’t waste time to go register. You will be able to edit your Futures strategies and backtest them completely for free on the interface. To start, it will initially be the Binance futures market, one of the largest markets today, but other additional exchanges will soon be available on Finally, if you wish to join the dynamic communities in French, English and Spanish, we invite you to join the official Telegram channels from!


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