Carglass may take over car business from ATU – Cartel Office agrees

After a long examination, the Cartel Office has approved the partial takeover of ATU by Carglass. The merger would not result in any disadvantages for consumers.

The Federal Cartel Office has given market leader Carglass the green light to take over the auto glass business of the largest German workshop chain ATU. “Even if Carglass is expanding its leading market position as a glass specialist, there will be neither market dominance nor any significant impediment to competition,” said Andreas Mundt, President of the Cartel Office, explaining the decision on Friday.

On the one hand, customers could switch to alternative glass specialists and independent workshops. On the other hand, they also used a large part of the car workshops of the car manufacturers of their make.

Cartel office have checked very carefully

“The merger is about the sale of the glass business of the largest German workshop chain to the largest automotive glass specialist,” emphasized Mundt. The authority therefore examined the project very carefully.

In the course of the investigation, all motor insurers who deal with a large part of these claims were interviewed. As a result of the merger, however, Carglass only increased its market share slightly in terms of insurance and large customer business.

Carglass operates around 350 service centers in Germany. Since the takeover in 2015, Carglass has also owned the Junited Autoglas network, which includes around 300 partner companies. The ATU branch network includes around 500 locations.

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