BioNTech share: Attention, sell signal! Will This Brand Save The Vaccine Title? – Chart analysis

According to all the good news about the COVID-19 vaccine from BioNTech, the share price of the Mainz-based company is now clearly in the red. The BioNTech share price is currently down 6.77 percent to 99.25 dollars, the previous daily low for the biotech share is listed on the NASDAQ at 98.27 dollars. With the price slide, the Rheinhessen share fell below a small support zone around the 50-day line, which has brought stability in the last few days.

With the slide, BioNTech shares are expanding their current consolidation, which started at an all-time high of $ 131. 98.27 dollars is the new low. The strong and broad support range between $ 97.29 / $ 97.56 and $ 98.51 holds so far. If the support area remains stable, BioNTech’s share price could possibly start a new bottoming attempt. An upward gap opened in November at USD 95.09 / 99.05 offers additional technical support at the lower end. New sell signals on these brands could then cause the stock to slide towards $ 85.05 / 86.65.

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