SGT COVID-19 causes delays

SGT reports an interim status of fundraising for the planned private equity fund. “For the beginning of 2021 SGT was promised by investors capital commitments in the three-digit million volume and already bindingly promised in the higher double-digit million volume,” reported the former German Startups on Monday.

However, the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic are delaying activities. A first private equity transaction is no longer expected in the current year. The plan is to acquire a medium-sized European company with a worldwide leading market position in its product category, which should now take place in 2021.

SGT still wants to close the coming year with a positive result, but no more concrete figures are given.

“From 2022, she expects sustainable, predictable net profits from customary asset management fees of EUR 0.20 – 0.80 p.a. per share, depending on the fund volume, which are mainly to be distributed to shareholders or used for share buybacks ”, says the company about the future outlook.

Livestream on December 14th, 2020 from 6 p.m .:

With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute.

With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute: Corona and the miraculous increase in money in Europe
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