Research: employee feels more at home in a team since corona

Of the more than a thousand respondents, 92 percent think it is important to feel at home in the organization. Only 78 percent actually feel at home. At the same time, the corona crisis in this area has had a positive effect on 1 in 10 workers. On the other hand, 8 percent of those surveyed feel less at home in their organization since corona.

The extent to which employees feel at home in their team has also improved for some of the workers since the corona crisis. For example, 84 percent feel at home in the team and 14 percent think that the corona crisis has a positive influence on this. 9 percent of the respondents feel they can be themselves more at work. It is striking that significantly more young people (15-25 years) think this: 16 percent see an improvement.

Madelon Meester, editor-in-chief of Intermediair, says: “Apparently, when working from home, we succeed in maintaining and even improving the team spirit. The corona crisis brings a sense of togetherness. Everyone is in the same boat and employers and employers are driven to make the best of it. ‘


Of those surveyed, 76 percent feel they can say anything at work. More men of the women indicate this, respectively 78 and 75 percent. 5 percent of the respondents indicate that they cannot do this at all. It is important to 87 percent of respondents that all ideas are taken seriously at work. Yet the percentage at which we actually experience this is a lot lower: 70 percent feel that employers and colleagues seriously listen to ideas that are put forward. Practically educated people in particular have the feeling that not all ideas are listened to. Almost 1 in 10 workers indicate that the corona crisis has improved taking ownership seriously.


Two thirds of the respondents (69 percent) think that they are aware of the differences between employees in their organization. In addition, 6 percent think that the corona crisis has improved the situation in this area. Just under half of the respondents think the company they work for is a good reflection of society. Almost 1 in 5 respondents (19 percent) does not experience this at all. Highly educated people in particular are of this opinion: a quarter thinks the company they work for is not a reflection of society.

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