Flyeralarm On Stage to Nieuwe De La Mar

Writer and keynote Jos Burgers kicks off the afternoon on 9 March 2021. The seminar is about trial and error. Travel and resurrect. Think and carry on. An inspiring support for enterprising Netherlands.

Drink talk
‘Right now it is so valuable to be inspired, to learn from each other, to adjust the sails,’ says the organization. They assume a physical event, with a stage, a lobby and a lot of social talk. And were the corona measures allowed to demand otherwise despite all the enthusiasm? ‘Then we will make adjustments’, they say, ‘Because that is exactly what this show is about.’

Rowing and growing
With a touch of humor, the afternoon teaches you, according to the initiators, how to always get the wind in the back in the long run. Inspiration comes from two keynotes. First famous speaker and master of eye-openers, Jos Burgers. The author of ‘Don’t wait for the wind, go row!‘, the customer sees as a lifebuoy. Before you know it, you will see that too. Then there is Maarten Timmerman-Zubani, the ‘no-man-overboard sailor’, and also the driving force behind Flyeralarm, who teaches us the art of ‘floating’. Finally, as a smashing conclusion: the entrepreneurial panel where peppery CEOs cross spicy statements with their own experiences. Interactive with the room. Host and top marketer Jasmijn Rijcken promises to turn all this into an enthusiastic whole: ‘a show! Because the show must go on. Right now. ‘

Flyeralarm On Stage
Flyeralarm On Stage is a recurring event produced by Club Flyeralarm, ‘the club where brands fly from’, in collaboration with printing company Flyeralarm NL and the podcast Brand enhancers. The successful Flyeralarm on Stage formula, previously exclusively for Flyeralarm club members, will be publicly available for the first time.

More info and reservations via this website.

Maarten Timmerman-Zubani

Jasmine Rijcken

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