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ELon Musk

The whimsical billionaire Elon Musk (who dreams of living on Mars …) has fallen short of Bitcoin in a series of tweets. “Bitcoin is almost as crappy as fiat currency,” he tweeted at 4:30 a.m. Washington time, revealing its true nature.


When Musk overthrows a democracy

CEO of SpaceX is not a genius. He is an unscrupulous billionaire capable of overthrowing states to obtain the raw materials needed to build his technological illusion.

Armani: Do you know what was not in the best interests of the people? US government staging a coup against Evo Morales so you can get his Lithium
– Elon Musk replies: “We will overthrow who we want ! Get used to it ”

The wars and coups d’etat are almost always the result of geopolitical calculations that a small handful of psychopaths work out in international conspiracies with the sole purpose of to grab raw materials. This is what the ex-president of Bolivia said, Evo Morales, shortly after being overthrown in 2019:

“This is not just a coup d’etat orchestrated by the Bolivian oligarchy, some members of the armed forces and the police. I am also the victim of an outside conspiracy. My crime is to have nationalized our natural resources by driving out multinationals from the mining and hydrocarbon sectors. […] Multinationals and the United States are behind the coup. It is well known that the city of Potossi has industrialized lithium mining. We had granted mining permits to China as well as to Europe. Lithium is very important for the energy of the future. I’m sure I got kicked out for lithium. “

Evo Morales, ex-president Bolivia

Indeed, the lithium will be crucial to build the batteries needed for Tesla cars as well as the storage of electricity produced using renewable energies, which will necessarily have to replace fossil fuels in order to stop global warming.

The arrogance of billionaires has no limits. Musk believes he is above the law forever. His best insurance policy is unfortunately the maintenance of a fan base lobotomized by the hope of moving the human species to Mars – a planet where it is -63 ° on average and whose atmosphere is composed of 96. % carbon dioxide. But let him beware. A stock market crash happened so quickly …

Elon Musk, the darling of the printing press

Tesla CEO now weighs around $ 150 billion, a figure that evolves with the fluctuations of the stock market. Tesla stock is now worth around $ 700 billion. Its value has increased tenfold in less than a year. Bubbles …

TESLA share price

Tesla now weighs more than Ford, Honda, BMW, General Motors, Daimler, Volkswagen and Toyota combined. Knowing that Tesla doesn’t even sell 100,000 cars per quarter where Toyota sells more than 2 millions. If this isn’t a bubble …

Tesla’s P / E ration is greater than 100 !! The average P / E of the S&P 500 has always been between 13 and 15. For example, a company with a P / E of 25 means that its market capitalization is 25 times its annual profits. The awakening will be hard …

Those who can afford the self-driving cars that Elon Musk dreams of, they are already sitting in the backseat, as the other would say …


Anyway, where does all this money pouring into Tesla stock and making megalomaniac Musk so rich come from? Certainly not from his profits … It comes exclusively from the FED which has printed trillions since the start of the Covid psychosis. It’s all wind …

It is no longer a secret that the main objective of central bank monetary policies is to keep the stock market levitating to enrich the wealthier caste. 87% of the US stock market belongs to the top 10% of richest Americans. Over 60% even belongs to the top 5%.

In short, when Elon Musk criticizes Fiat currency, he clearly spits in the soup.

Elon Musk, the great architect of the Great Reset

Bitcoin is my safe word
“Bitcoin is my safe word” / During a BDSM session, the safeword is a verbal or body signal defined by the participants before the start of the session and which has the effect, once spoken or signaled by the submissive, to ‘put an end to it.

Readers of TheCointribune know that money is at the center of the ‘Great Reset’ and that the powerful have a dark design. disappear Cash.

But not that, it’s also about to extend debt slavery to the entire world population. As the President of the IMF recently stated, her main objective is to “bank” the 1.7 billion people who do not yet have a bank account (and debt) …

But how do you reach all these people who live in countries where infrastructure is totally lacking?

It is enough to send into space thousands of internet satellites which will allow, among other things, to reach every phone located anywhere on the surface of the globe. Now it is Elon Musk’s big project: “Starlink“.

It is about deploying a constellation of 40,000 satellites which, by the way, will rot the night sky forever …


Let it be said, when Musk deploys his satellites, it is “usurious and surveillance capitalism” that takes off. The dark design is to bring the rest of the world’s population into debt slavery.we wrote this week in another article . Everyone will therefore have understood that Bitcoin is a threat to the Great Reset projects. The fact that ELon Musk tackles it proves that they are afraid …


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