BioNTech share wobbles tremendously – is the sell signal coming? – Chart analysis

Hand on heart! Do you believe BioNTech and Pfizer will be denied emergency approval for their COVID-19 vaccine by the EU next week? Just! Almost everyone on the stock exchange now expects that the Mainz-based company and its US partner will receive approval for BNT162 so that the urgently needed vaccinations can begin. This will be the case soon, probably right after Christmas. The element of surprise for investors on the stock exchange is virtually zero here.

This could be the current problem with BioNTech shares, whose share price is shaky. Yesterday, important technical chart support around the $ 105 mark on the NASDAQ was undercut. The daily low was listed at $ 102.33. Although it went out of trading at $ 105.78 above the chart technical signal zone at the former “double top” of the BioNTech share, current indications on Thursday are already tending towards weakness in the US preliminary market. Currently, $ 103 is quoted – the technical sell signal is still looming!


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