Because of advertising for diesel lawsuit: Warning for Check24

D.he competition center has warned the comparison portal Check24 for misleading advertising for lawsuits in the diesel scandal. As a broker for motor vehicle insurance, the company gives vehicle owners the feeling of being able to successfully sue for the emissions scandal in any case, the competition headquarters announced on Monday. In a letter by email to motor vehicle insurance customers, they would be asked to have it checked whether they are entitled to compensation for manipulation.

The competition center listed a letter to an owner whose vehicle model was not exposed to any allegations of manipulation in the exhaust gas cleaning. Since there has not yet been a final judgment – neither against the manufacturer nor for the vehicle model in question – there is absolutely no chance for the person concerned to “receive even one euro”, the authorities in Bad Homburg said.

If customers clicked on links in the Check24 email, they would come across “grossly misleading” advertising statements, including “up to 10,000 euros in damages”, “no cost risk” and “very good prospects of success”. It is not about a single case, rather there are several almost identical letters to Halter.

Such business conduct promotes the “diesel lawsuit industry”, criticized lawyer Andreas Ottofülling from the competition headquarters. It is not about denying legitimate claims of injured parties. However, practice shows that it is not uncommon for complaints written in the form of text modules to be submitted to the German courts by the tens of thousands, paralyzing the judiciary.

Check24 stated that more than 10,000 customers had been helped in the diesel scandal to enforce their claims. They would have received an average of 3000 euros in damages. According to the company, the warning is questionable from a consumer perspective. The warning from the competition headquarters only refers to “individual formulations in our communication and not to our service as a whole.”


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