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We can’t talk about it enough yet. Back on the analyzes of traders and other crypto personalities, when Bitcoin (BTC) crossed the USD 20,000 mark.


BTC then entered uncharted territory, complicating forecasting. Predictions range from Bitcoin at $ 30,000 to BTC at $ 14,000.

No more predictions, just bets?

Bitcoin finally crossed the threshold of 20,000 USD for the 1st time on December 16, 2020.

The crypto-trader Cheds had then indicated on Twitter that all bets were now open since it is now difficult to determine which path will take the course of the Bitcoin.

It could reach $ 30,000 or take the opposite path and return to $ 14,000.

The general performance of Bitcoin in 2020 were rather positive, despite the spectacular drop in its price to the level of 3,600 USD in March 2020, due to growing concerns related to Covid-19.


The general trend has remained upward and Bitcoin recovered faster than traditional markets, to reach its current level.

Bitcoin at 20,000 USD, all profitable addresses?

Another crypto-trader, Wendy, wrote on Twitter that despite her enthusiasm, she remained extremely cautious as the atmosphere in the markets was too euphoric.

His concern is also linked to the last bear market of 2017-2018 when the price of the Bitcoin had increased from $ 19,892 to $ 5,000.

She then considered the next logical level to be the $ 22,500 as it was the middle area between 1 Fib and 1.272 Fib.

The CEO of Messari, Ryan selkis, commented that with this new ATH, all addresses that hold Bitcoins are theoretically profitable.


Bitcoin broke the $ 24,000 mark on December 19, 2020. The $ 25,000 is now in the sights, with the most bullish believing a BTC at $ 30,000 before it experiences a major correction. The bulls continue to run, not knowing when they will have to take a break to catch their breath, leaving the markets temporarily in the hands of the bears. As it crosses $ 20,000, Bitcoin registers further parabolic rises as analysts predicted. Beware, however, of the risk of a crash if Newton’s 3rd law also applies to the price of BTC – little clue: action – reaction.


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