This is what graduates earn: 6 facts

A young woman is studying her pay slip
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# 1 Graduates Earn More

According to Stepstone, young professionals with an academic degree recently earned an average of 45,400 euros gross per year. That is almost a quarter more than for career starters with a completed apprenticeship. The career start becomes more and more lucrative the more you graduate – but it also takes place later and later. “Masters graduates earn an average of twelve percent more than their colleagues with a bachelor’s degree. Those with a doctorate even get almost 33 percent more, ”reported the job platform on the salary report for graduates 2020/2021. According to the information, the salaries of around 13,000 young professionals with academic training were evaluated.

# 2 Highest starting salary by degree

The experts also found a clear gap among the courses. Medical graduates were the front runners with an average starting salary of 59,500 euros. This was followed by career starters with a master’s degree in industrial engineering (52,800 euros) and law graduates (52,300 euros).

# 3 Lowest starting salary by degree

According to this, graduates of design courses earned the least on average (35,800 euros). There was little more for humanities scholars (36,500 euros) and history and cultural scholars (36,400 euros).

# 4 top university for graduates

According to the study, graduates from the University of Stuttgart start their careers with the highest starting salary: an average of 52,900 euros. Graduates from the Technical University of Darmstadt (52,500) and the East Bavarian Technical University in Regensburg (51,400 euros) were also well above the average for academics.

# 5 Most lucrative industries for young professionals

According to StepStone, the highest salaries in the first job after university were in the automotive industry: 51,700 euros. The aerospace industry (51,100 euros) and the chemical and oil processing industry (49,900 euros) followed. The analysis recorded the lowest starting salary in the hotel and catering industry (34,000 euros).

# 6 Big companies pay more

The starting salary also depends heavily on the size of the company. According to Stepstone graduates, companies with more than 10,000 employees recently paid an average annual salary of 50,500 euros, around eleven percent above the average. “In medium-sized companies with 501 to 1000 employees, the starting salary of 46,500 euros is only around two percent above the overall average,” it said. “Smaller employers who employ up to 50 people pay career starters with 42,300 euros, around seven percent below the average.”

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