SAP shares with new opportunities: Now it counts – Chart analysis

While many tech stocks reach top prices, the SAP stock is still struggling with the consequences of the latest profit warning from October this year. Although the price plunge of the DAX stock to 89.94 euros as a reaction to the weak SAP news was viewed by many stock experts as completely exaggerated, the stock price of the Walldorf-based software giant is struggling to make a radical recovery. After all: on Thursday massive technical obstacles at 102.92 / 103.60 euros were overcome. With a weekly closing price of 104.26 euros, the SAP share was able to defend this break, the daily lows on Thursday and Friday at 103.00 euros and 103.38 euros also speak bullish tones.

The situation is different at 105.40 euros – the lower end of the downward gap here, which was torn open in the price crash in October, was overcome on Friday – the daily high is listed at 106.28 euros. However, based on the closing price, the SAP share did not succeed in defending this bullish impulse.


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