BillionairesThe richest Scandinavians

Compared to other European countries, the number of billionaires from Scandinavia is manageable, as the billionaire ranking of the US business magazine Forbes shows. While Sweden, with 31 super-rich, is only just behind other European countries such as Italy or France, Finland and Denmark only have single-digit numbers. Norway has twelve billionaires.

However, a look at the wealth of the richest Scandinavians shows that they are in no way inferior to their European neighbors. The 57 billionaires in the region weighed almost 187 billion US dollars in early July. Here too, the lion’s share – around US $ 106.6 billion – comes from Sweden.

Despite the Swedish dominance, some other Scandinavians are also among the richest in the region. At the top are entrepreneurs who stand for well-known brands and products. Compared to the Forbes ranking of the previous year, some of those placed were able to maintain their position in 2020. However, some new faces have mixed in with the richest ten.

These are the richest Scandinavians in 2020

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