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Bitcoin mining (BTC) has now taken on a national dimension in Venezuela since the government’s involvement in the sector. Faced with the planned failure of Petro, the local cryptocurrency, the Venezuelan state had to review its copy of the authorization of this activity in the territory. Following the American sanctions, the country’s army has thus acquired a bitcoin mining site in order to generate unblocked sources of income. Government bodies have also stepped up decisions in favor of the development of bitcoin mining. The latest one concerns the granting of an official license to work in this sector of activity.


Operating licenses for projects with the necessary resources

With the support of the National Electricity Company of Venezuela (Corpoelec), the National Superintendency of Crypto Assets (Sunacrip) has just taken a number of steps to encourage Venezuelan bitcoin miners. These include the granting of special electricity costs at fixed rates to exercise their profession. In addition to these benefits, the Ministry of Electric Energy and the Sunacrip have just signed a new agreement to assess the feasibility of mining projects.

This will include verifying that they meet all the technical conditions necessary for obtaining an operating license. If the details concerning the criteria have not been disclosed for the moment, their control will be carried out with the expertise of the Corpoelec. To appear in the Complete mining register (RIM) and benefit incidentally from the electricity supply service to cryptocurrency miners, interested parties should send a request to the official Sunacrip website.


Solve the problem of energy coverage

Despite the resolutions taken by the government authorities, Venezuela is marked by unstable energy supply service. A situation that leads local miners to doubt the implementation of the reform of the sector and the advent of fair tariffs. In addition to the fear of massive outages on the network which sometimes extend over days, they also regret the lack of transparency on the currency to be used to pay electricity costs.

Commissioner Joselit Ramírez who runs the Sunacrip contented himself with issuing a warning to the complainants through his statements following the announcement of the new measure. “These parameters, duly articulated jointly between the Sunacrip and the Corpoelec, will enable digital mining to generate benefits for all. Companies that do not comply with the requirements established by the governing bodies in this matter will be outside the law, and the corresponding sanction measures will be applied. »He commented.


It is certainly a good example to see the Venezuelan government become actively involved in the promotion of bitcoin mining in the current economic context of the country. While the official licensing and special electricity charges for minors is a significant step forward, the equitable availability of this energy will have to be guaranteed.


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