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PodcastDJ Dixon: “The night is more than crash and alcohol”

A picture from past days: Dixon was still able to hang up in 2019, like here in Copenhagendpa

The nightlife in clubs, bars and concerts has been almost silent for months. Those who wanted to party and dance at night this year had to do it either at home or semi-legally or illegally. But it’s about more than parties that fail, but about numerous livelihoods and structures that are threatened or broken. “It’s like a network among the automotive suppliers,” said music producer Steffen Berkhahn, alias DJ Dixon, in the podcast “The Zero Hour.” Behind the nightlife are organizers, agencies, producers, DJs, club owners – and students who work in the evenings and at night Finance your studies. “There are countless people in this field who are not doing well at the moment and who are not in the public eye,” said Berkhahn, who is one of the most successful DJs worldwide. The nightlife won’t die. But many livelihoods are already threatened or destroyed.

One problem is the lack of a lobby: “Our industry has nobody to speak for us,” said Berkhahn, who normally tours around the world and hangs up in Shanghai, Dubai, Los Angeles or Tokyo – but has been stuck in Berlin since spring and 80 Had to cancel shows. “We are not organized.”

Berkhahn, who runs a music label, a booking agency and an event company, is promoting a different perspective on its industry. “My aim is to show that nightlife also has a value and that we don’t just associate it with drinking and falling.” Nightlife is “the opposite of everyday life”. In an earlier interview, Berkhahn once put it this way: “Night life means forgetting what was Monday through Friday.”

Berkhahn was born in 1975 in Anklam in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania. He was a GDR youth champion in cross-country skiing and wanted to become a professional footballer, but got injured. In the 1990s he began to play in Berlin’s techno clubs under the name Dixon. A few years ago the newspaper “Die Welt” described him as “the best DJ in the world” and the music magazine FAZEmag called him the “King of DJs”. Berkhahn’s music label is still doing well at the moment, but the booking agency and the event company “Lost in a Moment” are down.

Berkhahn does not expect a return to normal before April, more in summer. But even then there will be restrictions and many operators could not get through it – or it would not be worthwhile. “If 20 percent fewer people are allowed in a club, then the club doesn’t actually have to open at all,” said Berkhahn.

Hear in the new episode of “The Zero Hour”,

  • what is behind the campaign “Safe The Night” and the film “Nightlife on Mute”,
  • how it was for Steffen Berkhahn to teach his son in Berlin instead of hanging up at the other end of the world,
  • how DJs tried to stream to reach their fans

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