Lufthansa share: breakthrough upwards on the approach? – Chart analysis

After the excursion to 10.82 euros, the Lufthansa share initially lost ground again in the last few days, but was able to stabilize on Friday at 9.34 euros and thus at a technical support level. From there it went up again, but a smaller technical chart hurdle is currently preventing the MDX title from jumping back towards the high of the recent recovery movement that started at EUR 6.848 / 7.032. Yesterday, with a daily high of EUR 10.14 and a closing price of EUR 9.876, there was another unsuccessful break attempt that did not generate a new buy signal. Current indications for the Lufthansa share on Thursday morning are trading at 10.05 / 10.12 euros but again close to the possible break point.

A look at the Lufthansa share chart shows that it was at 10.286 euros, the daily high on December 3. Below this is a chart resistance zone that extends to 10.12 / 10.22 euros. A jump above this could turn the latest recovery high into a target. Around this mark, however, high hurdles can be seen for the share price of Lufthansa. These range from 10.80 / 10.89 euros to 11.03 / 11.11 euros.

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