CureVac Share: This is not good news! – Chart analysis

In yesterday’s NASDAQ trading, the technical situation for the CureVac share deteriorated. While the biotech stock, through its COVID-19 vaccine project in the headlines for weeks, was able to build up a potential new support zone at 115.00 / 118.65 dollars in the past few days, this hope of an end to the consolidation was dashed yesterday made. CureVac’s share price fell in NASDAQ trading in the meantime to 111.02 dollars, but ended the day with 116.22 dollars in the midst of the chart-technical signal cluster and with 4.25 percent daily minus.

However, a look at the intraday price fluctuations of the biotech share shows that there were repeatedly unsuccessful attempts to break during the day. Between $ 117.24 and $ 117.76 there were reaction highs again and again after the temporary price slide below the support at $ 115.00 / 118.65. However, the CureVac share could no longer overcome the upper area of ​​the zone that has now mutated into resistance.


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