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it is becoming increasingly clear: nothing works without the money printing machine. The economy and stock markets would collapse instantly without the cash injections – and sooner or later they will. Interest rates would rise immediately and bring the heavily indebted national budgets into great hardship. National bankruptcies would also be the inevitable consequence in Europe.

Everything that is happening on the financial markets and now also in large parts of the real economy is an artificially created illusion of prosperity. You are facing huge mountains of debt and unpayable bills.

On the drip of the central banks: The crisis as a permanent condition

The ultra-lax monetary policy, the consequences of which Roland Leuschel and I warned in our 2003 book “The Greenspan Dossier”, the consequences of which have now largely occurred, has made the crisis permanent and the central bankers the real rulers.

This secret takeover of power destroys wealth and destroys democracy. This is exactly the subject you can read in our book “The Destroyers of Prosperity – How you can maintain your wealth despite zero interest rates, monetary devaluation and bankruptcies”, which was published last year and is more relevant today than ever. Especially when ex-Fed chiefs are appointed finance ministers.

Total assets of the ECB (blue) and the Fed (red) in trillion $, 1998 to 2020

On the drip of the central banks: What was expressly promised in 2008 as a one-off emergency measure to combat the crisis has long since become permanent. Together, the two central banks now have total assets of $ 14 trillion.

Source: St. Louis Fed

You can protect yourself against the consequences of this monetary policy with gold and mining stocks

In this threatening situation, owning gold is an absolute must. If you want to protect your assets from the devastating consequences of this dubious and irresponsible monetary and national debt policy, then there is no getting around gold and precious metal stocks. Gold to protect the purchasing power of your wealth; Mine stocks to grow your wealth.

It is no coincidence that gold has outperformed the DAX or the S&P 500 since 2000 – although the stock markets are currently record-high overvalued and are in an even larger speculative bubble than they were then.

My gold price range indicator has since signaled the end of the precious metals correction that began in early August. I used this signal to fully invest the gold mine depot, which has since been reduced. You can read about which gold mining stocks we recommend conservative investors to buy in my stock market letter Crisis-proof investing.

Buying opportunity 2021: “Classic energy sector” shows an excellent risk-reward ratio

In addition to precious metal stocks, my analyzes now also focus on the classic energy sector. After preparatory work in the November and December issues of Krisensicher Investieren, we now have the sector’s first thematic issue dedicated.

This sector shows all the signs that characterize the final phase of a long, severe bear market. In contrast to the extremely overvalued general stock markets, you will find an excellent risk-reward ratio here. Find out more now so that you don’t miss the time to get started.

E-cars need a lot of electricity: technical buy signals for uranium stocks

Some are waiting for a cheap re-entry, others do not want it in the depot. One thing is certain: Another sector that is very unpopular in Germany has just given buy signals: uranium. The German opponents of nuclear power cannot prevent the global expansion of nuclear power. The boss of the electric car manufacturer Tesla, who is also very popular with German world savers, has now probably plunged these people into a serious conflict of conscience: the future electric car fleet could not meet their electricity needs without expanding nuclear energy, he said a few days ago.

You can read which two buy recommendations we have made in this sector in my stock market letter Crisis-proof investing – now 30 days free of charge.

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Claus Vogt, Editor-in-Chief of Crisis-Safe Investing

P.S .: “Freedom in Germany – past and present” – that is the name of the new book by Gerd Habermann, which I warmly recommend to you to read. Especially in these depressing times, this book is an encouragement for every friend of freedom.

P.P.S .: If you want to get through this crisis week after week, please ask for the free Claus Vogt market commentary today here easily with your email at.

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