Average Bitcoin (BTC) Earnings of 200% Per Year Proves It ‘Eats the World’ – Cryptocurrencies

bitcoin 200% growth per year

Many cryptophiles missed the departure of the Bitcoin train (BTC), the lucky ones made their fortunes.


Should we then embark without hesitation in a DeFi that has shown it can quickly outperform BTC, leaving aside fears of a bubble that will eventually explode?

The numbers speak for themselves: His Majesty Bitcoin sitting on his throne, outperforms all other assets.

Bitcoin reigns supreme

The investor Raoul Pal estimates that thanks to its annual earnings of 200%, Bitcoin “Eat the world” and swallow all of its competition.

In a tweet from December 15, 2020, Pal has revisited one of his favorite adages as new data reveals the extent of Bitcoin.

The founder and CEO of Compound Advisors, Charlie bilello, indicates that an investment in Bitcoin performed in 2011, would have yielded a yield of 6,271,233%.

No asset has been able to beat the BTC. The Nasdaq for example offers a meager return on investment of 512%.


2020 has been a successful year for Bitcoin as it takes the title of best investment of the year ahead of gold, stocks and all other asset classes.

The preparation is finished?

While the BTC remained below the $ 20,000 mark, many observers agreed that its breakthrough will be all the more spectacular.

The analyst Alex Krueger said price movements were then a phase of preparation for a new uptrend.

He argued that a surge beyond $ 20,000 was virtually guaranteed. Bitcoin crossed the $ 20,000 mark on December 16, 2020.

Markets will soon be fixed on whether or not forecasts for further parabolic increases once the Bitcoin will have crossed the 20,000 USD.

The current rally is different in many ways from that of 2017. It is supported by institutional investors, the fundamentals are much stronger, and the devaluation of the fiats is boosting the bulls.


Can we really expect a parabolic rise in BTC now? Should we now count average daily earnings in the thousands of dollars by the end of 2020, or is this too optimistic a scenario even for a Bitcoin which has already given a glimpse of what it has in the belly? Bitcoin “eats the world” but its appetite is far from being satisfied.


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