ThyssenKrupp: Double buy recommendation for the stock

Steel demand appears to be recovering, the prospects for the steel sector are improving. That should also have a positive effect on ThyssenKrupp. DZ Bank analysts believe that the low was reached in the second and third quarters. Margins are likely to increase in the coming quarters.

The subject of hydrogen is another driver at ThyssenKrupp. This means that the outlook at ThyssenKrupp is improving overall.

The analysts expect a loss per share of 1.74 euros in the current financial year (old: -1.90 euros). The earnings estimate per share for 2021/2022 is 0.29 euros (old: 0.10 euros).

The experts give a buy recommendation for ThyssenKrupp shares. So far the rating has been “hold”. The price target increases from EUR 5.00 to EUR 9.80.

The experts at Deutsche Bank also recommend buying ThyssenKrupp paper. Here the price target remains at EUR 8.00.

ThyssenKrupp’s shares gain 1.2 percent to 7.99 euros at noon.


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