Most money is transferred abroad from these EU countries

More and more money is being transferred from the European Union to countries outside the Community. The so-called personal transfers rose to 33.2 billion euros in 2019, as the statistics agency Eurostat announced. In 2018, the value was 30.8 billion euros. At the same time, the inflows into the EU increased from 12.4 to 13.0 billion euros. This resulted in a negative balance between the EU and the rest of the world of 20.2 billion euros.

This cash outflow shows how important Europe is as a job for migrants. “The majority of personal transfers are sums of money sent by migrants to their home country,” said Eurostat. The range for international transfers among the EU member states is between a double-digit million and a double-digit billion range.

In 2019, most of the money was sent abroad from these EU countries.


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