[marketeer 143] Celapp Media scores with b2b apps

Like to introduce yourself, what do you have with marketing? And how did you meet?

Celapp Media consists of the three partners: Lourens Beerkens, Hendrik ten Cate and Jurriaan Mijnster. Lourens and Jurriaan have specialized in the development and successful launch of business news apps for years. Hendrik ten Cate has a background in advertising and since 2013 has focused on creating content for major influencers, especially international footballers such as Robin van Persie, Quincy Promes and Memphis Depay. We ran into each other by accident. It seemed the right time to join forces. All three of us have a different background, it seemed like a unique combination between tech and creativity. ‘

How did you come up with the concept of developing apps for celebs?

The time also seemed ripe for the development of your own influencer or celebrity platform, filled with exclusive content. Too often, high-quality content is published on social media, or rather “shot away” in a rapidly changing timeline. Both the recipient and the sender do not benefit from this. In addition, the major social media platforms are starting to become unwieldy and seem to only listen to their own revenue models. A great artist or athlete with a fan base of millions of followers on social media, has more and more difficulty in reaching their own followers organically due to the changing algorithm. Only after payment do they seem to be able to operate their original fan base.

In addition, the design of the large platforms is fixed and no personal brand image is possible. In addition, the revenue models on social media are somewhat limited. We believe there is a need for a platform where celebrities are again in full control of their appearance, content, reach, but also revenue models. The app is intended for followers and fans who want to see and know more about their artist. But Celapp Media goes a step further than just delivering a celebrity platform. We think along with the brand positioning of our customers and also produce exclusive content and also set up competitions. Thanks to this combination, our customers feel supported in several areas. There are parties that build apps, there are parties that create content. but the combination seems unique. ‘

Why the brand name Celeb Media?

‘Celapp Media is the company’s brand name because it best describes our product and service. An app for a celeb. So Celapp. To be fair it was just a work name, but if you shout it long enough, it suddenly becomes real. At a certain point we could no longer ignore it. ‘

Since when has the brand been on the market? How introduced?

‘On November 5, 2020, we had a successful launch with the `Lil Kleine app. This has also been widely picked up in the media. ‘

What are the ambitions?

‘In addition to the launch, Lil Kleine will also be launching in November with an Ajax football player, and we will soon follow with the launch of a Dutch artist and a major international football player.

Ultimately, we are mainly looking for customers who also create content themselves. The success of the platform largely depends on the cooperation and commitment of the customer himself. We can do a lot, but in the end it is their platform. We also want to push our boundaries abroad. The US, for example. Our business is extremely scalable. The platform is consciously tailored to this. For example, agencies with many artists or large football clubs could easily launch apps for their own customers on a license basis. ‘

Is it difficult with competition from other influencers and the restrictions YouTube and Facebook now impose on product placement in vlogs?

‘When we collaborate with brands, we don’t do product placement. We look for brands that fit the story of the artist and vice versa. When we arrange a Lamborghini at VD Akker with Lil Kleine, we do that because we give a fan the experience to step into the life of Lil KLeine for a day. Not so much to sell the Lamborghini. The customer understands that too. It is about the positive experience and association. ‘

What type celeb will be hip in 2021?

‘Artists and athletes remain interesting to us. I do not see this immediately changing in 2021. But we are now also looking mainly at successful YouTubers and Tik-Tokkers who can offer their fans and followers an extra depth and experience with their own app and thus tap into a new revenue model. ‘

text: Peter van Woensel Kooy
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