Crash of oil prices due to corona crisis: cheapest tank year according to ADAC

D.he oil price crash caused by the Corona crisis makes for the cheapest tank year since the introduction of Super E10. On average for the first eleven months of 2020, the type of gasoline cost a nationwide average of 1.257 euros per liter, as the ADAC announced on Friday when asked. By the end of the year this will probably not change much, said an expert from the traffic club. By a few cents, this is the lowest value since E10 was introduced ten years ago.

Diesel was also very cheap this year. The nationwide average from January to November was EUR 1.112. This is the lowest value since 2016. At the moment, fuel prices are still a bit below the previous annual averages. According to the ADAC, diesel cost 1.105 euros on Thursday on a nationwide daily average, Super E10 was 1.225 euros – both with a slight upward trend on Friday. Prices have been tending to rise for a few weeks, mainly because the oil price is rising.

It will soon be more expensive

The ADAC specialist does not expect any upward price fluctuations over the holidays. That has hardly existed for a few years. According to him, the time at which the tank is filled is much more important for the price. Usually it is cheapest between 6 p.m. and 10 p.m. However, the low fuel prices will soon be over. The reduction in VAT ends at the turn of the year. Together with changes to CO2 pricing, this is expected to make gasoline and diesel more expensive by 10 to 11 cents per liter.

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