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turbo 84

In the same vein as Bitcoin Bounce, the studio THNDR Games has released another game allowing you to win satoshis on a weekly basis: Turbo 84. Mix between arcade and retro, it will take a good dose of skill to drive to be part of the best in the ranking!

Turbo 84 overview

THNDR Games released the game in 2020, using more or less the same recipe as Bitcoin Bounce: very simple gameplay and satoshis rewards to boot. This time, the game is available on IOS and Android to reach an audience even larger than the first game.

So here we are behind the wheel of a car that nothing seems to be stopping except the obstacles that litter the road. Fortunately, there are not only barrels, blocks or barriers that are arranged randomly on the path but also some bonus !

The first of these are blue tickets which make it possible to obtain some graphic changes such as for example a new design for the car as long as you have enough. The second bonus are green arrows on the ground that allow to speed up the car… Increasing the difficulty as you go.

How to earn satoshis while playing?

First of all, you will need to install a wallet compatible with the Lightning Network like Zebedee or Wallet of Satoshi to be able to recover your Bitcoin (BTC) earnings on it.

Once this is done, the third beneficial element that we have already seen in Bitcoin Bounce are purple tickets that allow you to participate in a daily lotterye.

This time again, it will take more than one game to get enough purple tickets to increase the chances of being drawn for the 5000 satoshis jackpot !

Another game innovation, a random roulette is available on a daily basis to win blue or purple tickets … but also directly 10 satoshis!


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

You can also follow the news on the THNDR Games page to enter various contests to get more Bitcoin dust if you are good enough. How far can you go in Turbo 84?

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