After $ 23,000, Bitcoin is heading towards $ 100,000 according to Anthony Pompliano! – Cryptocurrencies

A unit of Bitcoin (BTC) equal to $ 100,000 by the end of 2021? This is the prediction Anthony Pompliano is claiming today as BTC continues to surpass its all-time high today with price topping $ 23,000.


Anthony Pompliano, better known as “Pomp” is one of the most important figures in the crypto ecosystem.

And the “Pomp” as he is now called is not just anyone. Indeed, after working for tech giants like Facebook and Snapchat, he created an investment fund called “Morgan Creek Digital Assets”. This investment fund allows institutional investors and “family offices” to access crypto-assets and in particular the Bitcoin.

What are the fundamentals that tell Anthony Pompliano that Bitcoin will reach $ 100,000 by 2021?

According to him, there are many explanations for the recent explosion in the price of Bitcoin: investors more educated on the subject of cryptocurrencies, a complicated economic situation but also and above all many new players who invest in Bitcoin. The focal point for the year 2021 will be, according to him, the institutional investors, that is, large companies and investment funds.


Indeed, these actors have enormous financial means with billions of dollars under management. Bitcoin offers them an opportunity to reduce the risk against central banks who use all their tools to fuel the economy with trillions of dollars. The US created more than 20% of all dollars in circulation this year! For its part the Bitcoin, as you know is limited, there will only be 21 million, not one more.

The current situation of the dollar which has started to devalue globally on the financial markets could also very certainly create a phenomenon of price inflation. This is a classic mechanism in economics, if the value of the dollar decreases due to monetary policies such as the quantitative easing of the Fed, the prices of goods tend to increase in general. The forecast in the US is 2% inflation currently and investors are looking to earn more than that rate of inflation so they don’t lose value in their investments. Bitcoin then appears to be a perfect way to limit risk and seek returns that we no longer see in traditional markets.


Train yourself, understand the fundamentals. Understand why its value is so important. Then build your strategy by building a portfolio and following a position called DCA (Dollar Cost Averaging) which allows you to smooth your investment over time to maximize your returns over the long term! Pomp has chosen BTC for 50% of the value of his portfolio and he is more than confident about what will happen next.


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