PIM recalibrates strategy: Marketers can make much more impact

To facilitate marketers in this, the platform has recalibrated and refined its mission, vision and strategy. PIM calls on marketers, other organizations and stakeholders to realize this vision together. The first step is the formulation of a joint marketing manifesto.

PIM revises strategy: marketer has come a long way

PIM sees a world in which major themes play a role, such as economic challenges, climate change and inequality. Marketers like no other have the feelers with which they can identify and interpret such developments in the market and in the world. Yet they still make too little use of this powerful gaze. PIM chairman Yvonne Nassar: “We see that in many cases marketers have become distant, that they are losing control of the organizational strategy, the brand and the customer experiences. Their role has in some cases been reduced to “the people of the advertising”. We believe that marketing can and should fulfill its strategic role.

As a director of value for all stakeholders, marketer is a connector and inspirer to provide solutions for the issues of today and tomorrow

Contributing to the impact of organizations

PIM board member Wankie Chan: “In formulating our renewed vision, we worked closely with Joris van Zoelen and Ariane Roos from Synergie, strategic consultancy in Business for Good”. We started by listening to the marketers: how do they want to operate, what do they see as their role in the company and in society? To this end, Synergie for PIM entered into talks with leading marketers and our entire board. We also tested our insights with international CMO studies. In the summer of 2020, we organized an online round table discussion with more than fifty enthusiastic marketers. “A number of statements make it clear that many marketers themselves also experience that they cannot make enough impact at the moment.

The profession has broadened but also fragmented. Responsibilities such as internal communication and labor market communication have been added. The profession has broken down into different specialisms

If you don’t pay attention, marketing becomes an afterthought

It is positive that other disciplines such as IT, Finance and Operations are concerned about the customer, who thus becomes more of us all. However, we now run the risk of ending up in a marcom role too much

Head and heart must go together in marketing. There is now too one-sided focus on data

Chan continues: “We then formulated our new course and vision. Wanting to achieve a common goal together is the strongest foundation for building a world in which we want to live. This applies to any organization, whether it is a commercial company or a platform such as PIM. Then impact organizations arise, in which the positive impact on the environment is central. “

Making meaningful impact

PIM is taking more position than ever in its new vision. Nassar: “We believe marketers can be the impact makers for customers, the business and the world as a whole. That they are responsible for translating the outside world in and rattling the doors if no action is taken. Marketers see what is going on in the world, whether it concerns customers, economic factors or demands that society places on organizations today. As a result, they can contribute to every organization becoming an impact organization that takes into account all stakeholders. “PIM wants to actively help marketers to fulfill this role. This is clear from the new mission of PIM: Innovating together the role of marketing for meaningful impact.

Translation process

PIM will work on four fronts: knowledge, evidential value, stage and network. The new strategy will be translated into practical terms in terms of content and form of the events. In addition, PIM will spot and share innovative and inspiring practical examples of the meaningful impact of marketing. And new ways are being launched to offer marketers as impact makers a stage, to show the power of marketing within and outside the field. Finally, we are actively working on using the PIM network to help marketers move forward. Broadening the network, also with other disciplines and organizations, is part of this.

Marketing manifesto for the Netherlands

Impact starts with focus and wanting something very much together. That is why PIM is organizing a session for marketers on Monday March 1, 2021 to draw up a marketing manifest together. “We want to record the marketer’s vision of the future and of the profession,” Chan clarifies. “What they want the Netherlands to look like in 2030, including the role that marketing plays in realizing the meaningful impact. It is emphatically something we want to do across the breadth of the marketing community. Different perspectives complement each other and together we have the most impact. “PIM offers this session and invites all marketers and marketing associations to participate. Interested parties can register via:

Marketers interviewed for the creation of the new strategy include:

Arno de Jong (Dutch Lottery), Caroline van Turennout (Zeeman), George de Boer (TomTom), Hans Molenaar (Beeckestijn Business School), Ine Stultjens (Auping), Joris van Heukelom (Makerstreet), Martine de Vries (KPMG) and Sybella Koot (Marketing Queens).

The strategy has been formulated by the PIM board (see photo above), consisting of: Ab Chakai (Movir), Alexander van Dam (AGU), Aljan de Boer (TrendsActive), Mariƫlle van der Zouwen, Stefan Harzevoort (strategist & speaker, based in Beijing, China), Wankie Chan (Dell Technologies) and Yvonne Nassar (RAI Amsterdam).


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