Investing 01/2021: Investment strategies for 2021

The new has been on the market since December

Cover story: The best for your money

The stock market year was turbulent and extreme – there was a lightning crash and a rally in the end thanks to the prospect of a vaccine. But the economy will still feel the effects of the pandemic for a long time – the upheaval in many industries has accelerated. explains how investors prepare for the new world after Corona, increase their wealth and secure it

Market outlook: The corona vaccine acts like a stimulant for the economy

Ten rules: New Dax, comeback industries and real estate – a guide

Interview: Pimco chief economist Joachim Fels on opportunities and troubled times

Dax forecast: took a look behind the scenes at the analysis workshops of the Frankfurt banks

What the pros expect: the most important forecasts for stocks, bonds and commodities

Property: Corona is driving up prices, especially in the metropolitan area

Crash test: Many investors fear the ups and downs of the stock market – three strategies against it

Our topics

China’s comeback: Ironically, the country in which the pandemic began emerged as the winner of this year: In China, life has normalized and the economy is booming

Auto supplier: Webasto boss Holger Engelmann became a pioneer in the fight against Covid-19. In the interview he talks about the most important lessons of the year and his hopes for the electric car

Peak of Profits: The time of gushing profits for corporations is finally over, shows a long-term study by the management consultancy Bain

Corona and Democracy: How do liberal democracies survive the double onslaught of populism and pandemic? An interview with the political scientist Herfried M√ľnkler

Comparison portals: Check24 is a success story – but market power is getting scary for many banks, electricity providers and insurance companies

Air traffic: Hardly any other industry has been hit harder than aviation: How much business will be back in 2021? Airlines and airports remain in survival mode – but there is also optimism

Future of the CDU: The CDU is the last people’s party in Europe. But what happens after Angela Merkel? invited four prominent CDU members to a dispute

New history series: Business women pioneers: In a new series, highlights the greatest women entrepreneurs and founders over several centuries. First part: How the “Widow Clicquot” created a champagne empire from a small wine shop

Machu Picchu: Alone to the most remote ruins in the world: Our author went on the adventure

Dream destinations: Journeys that (almost all) are still possible

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