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NFT awards exhibition

The meeting between non-fungible tokens and art results in stories as beautiful as the one you are about to read. A former Major League baseball player in the United States, Micah Johnson has transformed himself into a painter with a work to his credit that should mark the history of the NFT. The fruit of his labor should indeed benefit from a beautiful showcase by being exhibited as giant electronic billboard on the streets of Los Angeles. More details below.

Interactive artwork sold for $ 120,000

Named sä-v (ə-) rən-tē (sovereignty), the work of Micah johnson will be on display for a month on the StandardVision billboard at the side of the Courtyard Marriot hotel on West Olympic Boulevard. To achieve it, the author notably inspired by the Black Lives Matter movement that rocked the country a few months earlier. We see two young African-American kids whose dream is to one day come from astronauts. A closed door, however, separates them from this dream represented on the other side by a spacesuit. Our young dreamers are happily moving closer to this goal on their birthday every year thanks to public participation.

Indeed, it is expected that the famous door opens gradually as the donations of Bitcoin (BTC) made by holders of a non-fungible version of the work of art increase. Passers-by will be able to observe this development while the work is being exhibited, until January 10, 2021. In the meantime, sä-v (ə-) rən-tē has already obtained prestigious awards including the prize NFT of the Year during the award ceremony at NFT Awards 2020. For the record, the work had been sold on the Async Art platform for the record sum of $ 120,000.

Bringing the audience some cultural relief

Yes ˈSä-v (ə-) rən-tē meeting so much success it is especially for its social dimension in a context where the differences between Americans are more and more sharp. Gallery owner Art Angels, Jacquelin Napal thus explained that the work was intended to bring the public a certain cultural relief. during the coronavirus pandemic. The idea of ​​immortalizing the work through NFTs then appears as an ideal way to anchor this message in the collective memory.

“Everyone should have the opportunity to see art and experience culture. We hope that bringing poignant works like ˈsä-v (ə-) rən-tē to the community will take us away from where we are today. “Thus clarified Mr. Napal.

Along with art, another area is successfully experimenting with using NFTs to reach more people. The MyAnimeList platform dedicated to manga and anime has therefore thought of creating a secondary market fueled by NFTs in order to better sell its works.


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