mVise: Expectations are adjusted

The pandemic is noticeable at mVise in incoming orders in the second half of the year. The utilization of the consultations is below the values ​​of 2019, in the product area there is no major recovery. In the future there will also be a sales director at mVise. He should take care of the marketing of the products. The future focus is therefore on a stronger sales orientation in the product business. In addition, they want to limit development activities.

For 2020, the analysts at SMC Research expect sales of 20.2 million euros (old: 21.8 million euros). The EBIT should be at -0.3 million euros (old: 1.5 million euros). There should be a loss of 0.6 million euros. For 2021, the analysts forecast sales of 23.3 million euros, the result should reach +0.3 million euros.

The analysts continue to recommend buying mVise shares. The price target was previously EUR 4.40. In the current study, it sinks to 3.80 euros.

The shares of mVise give in the morning 4.0 percent. The paper is quoted at 1.94 euros.


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