Lufthansa records booking boom in summer

With the prospect of corona vaccinations soon, Lufthansa sees increasing demand for flights. Bookings for the coming summer would have tripled.

Lufthansa, shaken by the pandemic, sees an upturn in its business thanks to the upcoming approvals of corona vaccinations. “Since there is a concrete prospect of an effective vaccine, our bookings for next summer have tripled,” said CEO Carsten Spohr of “Wirtschaftswoche”.

“The fact that people have already reserved air travel for Easter shows how confident they are.” After the crisis year 2020, Spohr is therefore more optimistic for 2021.

“I am assuming that in the coming year we will be able to achieve an average of half the level of 2019 again, for the summer and autumn we calculate with up to 70 percent.” The outflow of liquid funds should be stopped as early as next year, and the airline wants to be profitable again from 2022.

Only part of government billions accessed

Spohr therefore continues to expect the federal government to reduce its stake in the airline from 2023. “I see no reason that it should turn out differently,” said the CEO.

He made it clear that Lufthansa had only called up three billion of the public stabilization funds totaling nine billion euros. “And thanks to our strict cost management, we have only actually spent a small part of it so far.”


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