Hannover Messe saved with millions in aid – savings plan negotiated

Deutsche Messe AG, the operator of the Hanover Fair, receives millions in aid. In return, she uses the red pencil – many employees have to leave.

A rescue plan has been negotiated for the ailing Deutsche Messe AG, which operates the Hanover Fair. On Wednesday night, management and employee representatives agreed on a savings concept, Finance Minister Reinhold Hilbers (CDU) announced in the state parliament in Hanover.

The concept provides the city and the state as sponsors with the basis to support the trade fair company with a guarantee of 120 to 130 million euros and a capital injection of 20 million euros.

The number of employees is to drop from 738 to 525, and a four-day week without wage compensation is to be introduced temporarily. According to the concept, the trade fair should concentrate on its core business.

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