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Healthy Seas Socks chose Sidekix to develop, print and make the shipping packaging, followed by storage and shipping.

A year and a half ago, Healthy Seas Socks and Sidekix got to know each other through a joint customer. It turned out to be the start of a great collaboration. “We were looking for a party that could help us create shipping packaging for a large customer,” says Leonie Dankers, brand manager at Healthy Seas Socks. “That first assignment involved designing, producing and packing a set of four pairs of socks, as well as handling storage and shipping.”

Ghost nets

Healthy Seas Socks is a sustainable sock brand from Star Sock in which old fishing nets are processed into yarns that are used to make socks. “Our director, Eric Roosen, was at the forefront of the founding of the Healthy Seas initiative that emerges ghost nets from the oceans. These are fishing nets that are lost, loose or left behind, that end up on the seabed and cause enormous damage to reefs and sea inhabitants. ”

The initiative brings stakeholders together. They link divers, fisheries, NGOs and governments to collaborate on a cleaner sea and a better environment. The three founding partners of the Healthy Seas initiative join their personal strengths with those of salvage, recycling and production companies, resulting in innovative products. The Aquafil company processes the fishing nets into high-quality raw material and makes yarns, among other things. Together with GOTS organic cotton, Healthy Seas Socks processes it into high-quality socks. From harmful waste from the sea to sustainable socks and, moreover, part of the proceeds will go to new diving expeditions.

Boyfriend of the sea

In addition to the Healthy Seas Socks brand, which now only consists of an adult collection, Star Sock has also thought of young children. A unique box with two pairs of children’s socks in size 27-30, is complemented by the children’s book “Friend of the Sea”. A heartwarming story about how a boy came up with the genius plan to make comfortable socks from old fishing nets.

The box developed by Sidekix is ​​made of durable cardboard and precisely tailored so that two pairs of children’s socks, the children’s booklet and an inlay fit in perfectly. The design has been developed in such a way that it is suitable for retail sale. And here too the proceeds are an extra support for the Healthy Seas initiative.

“The collaboration is so good that in new projects the name Sidekix is ​​almost immediately mentioned for further elaboration”

“At Sidekix, we love these types of projects that we are involved in from start to finish,” explains Romy Reins, Sidekix’s account manager. “For ‘Friend of the Sea’ and the socks it has become an attractive box made of sustainable FSC cardboard. We then assembled the first 20,000 boxes. 10,000 of these were custom made for a specific customer and 10,000 boxes for other customers. A perfect job also for our Giftwrap 3000 machine, which turned it into a beautifully wrapped gift. ”

Also transparent

Naturally, clients want to know exactly how stocks, orders and shipments are going. “As a customer, we can check the status of our stocks and orders in the Sidekix system at any time,” says Leonie Dankers. “Knowing the turnover speed of the different socks is, for example, important input when putting together the new collection. We therefore have continuous access to reports and figures and we actually have personal contact every week. All in all, it makes the collaboration very pleasant and effective. ”


Healthy Seas Socks is satisfied, that should be clear. Leonie Dankers: “The collaboration goes so well that in new projects the name Sidekix almost immediately comes up for further elaboration. For example, we are now working on “Pick your Socks”, which will be an online shop for Healthy Seas Socks for which Sidekix will handle the packaging and shipping. We are also looking at the possibility of gift boxes and we are going to use Sidekix for that too. ”

Romy Reins is happy to hear that: “Our name is Sidekix for a reason: we want to be the sidekick for our customers. As a trusted, regular sparring partner, think along, make and develop creative proposals and of course also implement them. And fair is fair: such a beautiful sustainable project like Healthy Seas Socks gives the collaboration an extra dimension in this case. ”

This article was created in collaboration with Sidekix


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