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One of the techniques for getting your first bitcoin (BTC) is the “Staking Sats” method or accumulating the smallest unit of BTC over time. In its early days, there were “faucets,” a sort of ad generator that rewarded the user in this way. Today it is possible to play games that reward in satoshis.


Introducing Bitcoin Bounce

The game was born in 2019 at the initiative of the studio THNDR Games with an extremely simple gameplay: go as far as possible by jumping from platform to platform in avoiding falling into the void.

Along the way, several bonuses can be found such as trampolines allowing a wide jump but also lightning bolts that will propel the character even further! Every landing pays off a number of points that it is possible to multiply if the landing is made on a light slab.

Getting a high score to see your name appear in the top of the rankings is a relatively common goal but where Bitcoin Bounce has succeeded in doing even stronger is in implementing tickets on the route.

These tickets are to be considered as an “in-game” currency and cannot be exchanged outside the game. They are used to participate in a daily lottery which randomly rewards players!


How to earn satoshis while playing?

Although initially the rewards ranged from 100 to 5000 satoshis per day, the distribution was extremely random. It was possible to get the jackpot with ten tickets, whereas a player with hundreds of tickets would get the smallest prize.

Today the system has become fine more balanced and it is the best players who will have the most luck to get the 5000 satoshis at the end of the day.

Just play on a regular basis by showing skill in getting as many of these tickets as possible for the best chance of hitting more rewards.

For players wishing to be rewarded for their scoring prowess and not on the accumulation of tickets, the studio regularly organizes small events on its Twitter. This may for example be having to score a specific number of points to have a chance of hitting part of the pot.


To collect your winnings, it will be necessary to have a wallet compatible with the Lightning Network such as Zebedee or the Wallet of Satoshis. Ready ? May the best win !

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