Annette Reijersen van Buuren is going to write another book

In concrete terms, these are the finishing touches after the results already achieved, together with the CPNB team in recent years, in which she was voted Communication Woman of the Year 2019 by colleagues for good reason. Annette’s current position will not be filled, the tasks and responsibilities are divided internally.

When Reijersen van Buuren started in 2017, she immediately deployed her expertise in brand building, positioning, behavioral change, communication and collaborations with (media) partners and sponsors.

Her approach was very successful and a lot has happened in this short time. She forged a new team and as a member of the management team she was closely involved in the change of course towards “the reader-centered”.


Under the leadership of Annette Reijersen van Buuren, much progress has been made with the positioning and strategy of the well-known CPNB brands. The brand portfolio has undergone a major overhaul and the previously 17 campaigns have been reduced to 7 strong brands. She was responsible for intensifying and expanding existing partnerships (NS and NBD Biblion), but also realizing collaborations with TUI and Eye Wish and media parties such as DPG Media, JC Decaux and Boomerang. While the CPNB used to be visible for a short period of the year with the campaigns, she contributed to communicating throughout the year and worked on umbrella brands such as #ikleesthuis, Zomer Lezen and the gift campaign Geef meer met een book.

Gaming and reading

Reijersen van Buuren: “After four intensive and valuable years, I look back with pride on what I have been able to achieve with my team and colleagues. I now have a temporary role, focused on projects that now require extra focus and attention, such as finding new sponsors, further implementing behavioral change within our brands and introducing new revenue models. I also focus on a challenging innovative project to connect gaming and reading. In addition to focusing on these projects, I’m going to think about my next step. ‘

Eveline Aendekerk: “First of all, I am very happy that Annette does not leave us immediately, but continues to help us with a number of things. Without her knowledge and decisiveness we would not have been able to achieve so much at the CPNB in ​​such a short time. When we, actually only recently, started with all the changes, Annette and I sometimes talked about CPNB 2.0, but thanks to her characteristic passion and energy we have already moved many songs further. ‘

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