Acquisition of Hema by Jumbo and investor will indeed continue

As announced in the print edition of MarketingTribune 18 / ’20, the Hema will have two new owners. The partners Jumbo, in this case the Van Eerd family, and the Dutch investment fund Parcom have succeeded in securing the financing.

ABN Amro, ING and Rabobank are now jointly taking over the sky-high debts of the department store’s current creditors. As a result, the interest burden decreases and the department store is no longer dependent on international creditors, the umpteenth grab capitalists to whom the Hema almost perished. ‘The concern got hold of them this summer, when then owner Marcel Boekhoorn could not come to an agreement with the creditors’, reports the NOS.

‘It was exciting,’ says Hema director Tjeerd Jegen to the state broadcaster, ‘It didn’t help that our stores in Belgium and France had to close in November, and our Dutch stores had to be closed at the last minute. The consortium’s great confidence in Hema shows that it was managed after all. ‘

Spelled correctly
The announcement of the acquisition comes on the first day that Hema stores in the Netherlands are closed due to the lockdown. Hopefully the new owners will agree that the rescued department store will from now on write its own brand name again according to Dutch spelling rules in press releases: as ‘Hema’, in other words, instead of the screaming, annoyingly reading and self-overstating ‘HEMA’ as if it were a logo. Correct spelling (‘Hema’) saves editors of quality media endless annoying retyping and correction work and also fits better with small prices and a certain modesty, which make Hema very popular.
(PvWK, Fauxels sculpture)

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