A 37% gain on Renault in three months with stability

Thanks to a stronger recovery in the global automotive market in the second half of the year, the success of the Zoe Electric and the first steps of new boss Luca de Meo, the Renault title ended the year well. Stability allows you to remain positioned on the backrest with a hope of 37% gain. But not without risk.

What réuplift? At worst in the first half of the year with aé global automobile in free fall, problemsègovernance issues in internal après the départ précipité of Thierry bolloré leadership and an alliance on the verge of rupture with the Japanese competitor, Nissan, Renault renaît of his ashes. On the stock market, he trusts the têyou froms palmarès of the CAC 40 index over 6 months, 3 months and 1 month for end the yearée at the highest. The recovery faster than préseen from marché automotive world since the thirdème quarter, more encouraging prospects at Nissan associés at succès of the Zoe éelectric and at the arrivalée from Luca de Meo at the têyou from builder were enough at restore confidence to investors and at reverse. Above all, the most important is that the automaker’s automotive division no longer consumes cash on the twoèpart of the exercise. Dénow, Luca from Meo should préfeel your strat planégique axé sure profitabilityé and the rationalization of the range in the segments the most promising. The group remains inexpensive on the stock market in relation to its funds equity and the value of its stake in Nissan but a lot of good news appear intémanage and action could logically take a break in the first quarter of 2021.

Reimbursed at 10 euros under condition It is possible to remain positioned on the backrest by means of a stability. The one selected is issued by Société Générale with a maturity set for March 19, 2021 and two terminals located for the lowest at 24 euros and for the highest at 46 euros. Remember the principle of the certificate: it will be reimbursed at maturity 10 euros provided that the Renault action continues until then within the area defined by the two markers. Account given its purchase price, it is likely to deliver a gain of 37.7% in for three months. But beware of the risk. It is far from being negligible since if a stability can pay off big, it can lose also a lot. To the point of being zero in the hypothesis that the action Renault would exit at the top or the bottom of the fluctuation corridor set by the two terminals. Our advice: buy a Renault stability issued by Société Générale (code : LU2088856930); deadline: March 19, 2021; terminals: 24/46 euros; price: 7.26 euros; portion: 1.

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