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While some market participants are still reluctant to invest in Bitcoin (BTC), a particularly discreet category of investors is not praying. The latter pile up with millions of dollars the bitcoins available on the market and this without limits. This is the observation made by the co-founder of Gemini crypto exchange Tyler Winklevoss during an interview for CNBC. The man who made his fortune in bitcoin investing in it early on with his twin brother explains how well-informed observers were building up a veritable war chest in the midst of silence.

Institutionalists and Business Angels on Bitcoin

Paul Tudor Jones, Stanley Druckenmiller, Jack Dorsey, the list of these well-known figures in the crypto space with more exposure to bitcoin is only growing. Despite a fortune numbered in the billions of dollars, these economic heavyweights choose to invest heavily in bitcoin. A choice elsewhere qualified as intelligent by Tyler winklevoss who declared that the FOMO stage was clearly over by now. ” It’s the most sophisticated investors, the smartest people in the room, who are quietly buying Bitcoin “, He thus affirmed. A policy adopted also by the institutions which also rushed into the asset for various reasons.

The most obvious of them is obviously the hedge that the asset offers against inflation followed by its ability to serve as a safe haven. This is notably the option chosen by so many companies, among which is in first place MicroStrategy. “You also have listed companies like Square and MicroStrategy who put their cash in Bitcoin because they are worried about inflation to come and the scourge of inflation with all the printing of money and the stimulus of the lockdowns of the COVID pandemic, “Mr. Winklevoss.


Bitcoin volatility is expected to decrease over time

Key figures in the crypto space and bitcoin news, the brothers Winklevoss have earned the right to speak out freely about the future of cryptocurrency. They were thus brought to share their perspective on asset volatility. This point remains the main cause of the reluctance of several players to invest in this market.

“We currently see Bitcoin as an emerging store of value that will rock gold, and this brings us to a market cap of $ 9 billion for Bitcoin. It is therefore not necessary to use it as a currency, and volatility does not matter if it is in fact a store of value. »Affirmed Tyler winklevoss. For anyone who has become a billionaire thanks to bitcoin, there is no doubt that the volatility of the asset should decrease over time.

Without affirming it directly, Tyler Winklevoss therefore invites all investors, even the most reluctant, to invest in bitcoin at the risk of permanently missing this great adventure. It’s hard to prove him wrong when you see where this daring choice led him a few years later.


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