Shops should remain open for collection

Shopping despite lockdown: Retailers require politicians to allow shops to remain open to hand over goods that have been ordered. This could also benefit parcel services.

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The German Trade Association (HDE) is urging that retailers in lockdown continue to be allowed to hand over goods ordered on the Internet (click and collect) in stores. “We demand that Click and Collect must remain possible,” said HDE spokesman Stefan Hertel of the German press agency on Monday. The issue had not yet been settled in the deliberations of the federal and state governments on Sunday and must now be clarified by the states in their ordinances.

The e-commerce association bevh had previously stated that such a step could ensure the survival of stationary retail and ensure the general supply of the population.

Picking up Christmas presents should relieve parcel services

The associations received support on Monday from electronics chains Media Markt and Saturn and furniture retailer Ikea. A spokesman for the electronics chains emphasized that the first Corona wave had already shown that it was possible to ensure health protection for customers and employees through specially set up pick-up stations when collecting goods that had been ordered in advance.

At the same time, Click and Collect offers stationary retailers the opportunity to better assert themselves in the crisis against pure online retailers. And it relieved the delivery services, which were already working on the attack before Christmas.

Germany’s largest furniture retailer, Ikea, also urged retailers to “continue to offer a pick-up service with contactless delivery across the board”. The North Rhine-Westphalian Economics Minister Andreas Pinkwart (FDP) signaled on Monday morning on WDR 5 that he was open to such a solution, at least in the book trade.

Handel does not anticipate a dramatic rush

According to the German Retail Association, the last two sales days before the lockdown are likely to be used again by a number of consumers to buy their last gifts. “A few more customers can come into the shops today and tomorrow,” predicted the HDE spokesman. However, he does not expect a really dramatic rush. “Most customers saw the lockdown coming and many have already organized it in such a way that they no longer have to go shopping.”

Last Saturday, the picture in the German pedestrian zones was very different, according to the company Hystreet, which specializes in measuring customer traffic. “There was no nationwide trend,” said Hystreet managing director Nico Schröder. In some cities such as Nuremberg and Bremen, up to 32 percent more visitors were counted than in the previous week, in other inner cities – for example in Heilbronn, Stuttgart or Karlsruhe – the number of visitors had plummeted.

Many businesses are threatened with bankruptcy after lockdown

In order to contain the corona pandemic, which is spreading rapidly, public and private life in Germany will be drastically shut down from Wednesday. Chancellor Angela Merkel (CDU) and the Prime Ministers of the federal states decided on Sunday that from December 16 to January 10 the retail trade with the exception of shops for daily needs must close.

In view of the tough lockdown, the German trade association is already warning of a possible bankruptcy wave in the city centers. Up to 250,000 jobs could be lost if the state does not give dealers massive support.

Corona has exacerbated the retail crisis

The German Association of Cities also expects significant burdens for the city centers. Managing Director Helmut Dedy told the German Press Agency that the problems with retail in the inner cities are older than the virus, but they have worsened this year.

“That is why the question of how the inner cities can be made more attractive is all the more urgent. We must continue this debate between all players in the New Year. Priority is now given to financial aid for those affected, which has promised federal and state levels. It must come quickly . “

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