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bitcoin institutional investment record

The interest of institutional investors in cryptocurrencies is intensifying, with increasingly impressive figures. By injecting millions of dollars since the summer, they have helped bring the total crypto assets under management to the total value of $ 15 billion. There were thus $ 429 million invested by institutions in this market at the end of the first week of December.

Grayscale always in the right places

If the amount invested by institutional investors remains below the record achieved last November with 468 million dollars, it was enough to set another record. By bringing the total value of digital assets under management to $ 15 billion, institutional investors have indeed left their mark on this market. According to the weekly report of Coinshares, overwhelmingly they chose the Grayscale investment fund to propel AUM to this historic peak. 78% of the $ 429 million coming from institutions have in fact been injected into the fund specializing in digital assets.

Leading in its category with $ 12.4 billion in digital assets under management, Grayscale Now At $ 4.3 Billion In Digital Assets Accumulated In 2020. Investment specialist at CoinShares, James butterfill explained that this interest of institutions in digital assets should continue to follow the same pace. “On an anecdotal level, from conversations we had with our clients during 2020, we have seen a decisive shift from surveys of a speculative nature to those that begin with comments such as Bitcoin (BTC) is here to stay, help us figure it out “He said to show the extent of the phenomenon.

Bitcoin is on the rise, gold a little less

Historically, a crisis in trusts, more specifically the dollar, has accompanied the market with an investor rush for gold. The deal is however slightly different this time around even if data shows gold inflows have increased by $ 45.7 billion so far in 2020. Indeed, Coinshares reveals that the last four weeks have given rise to a change of trend in the market.

The structure’s report specifies that ” Gold has seen investment product outflows of a record $ 9.2 billion in the past four weeks while Bitcoin has seen inflows of $ 1.4 billion “. He concludes that “investors choose to allocate funds intended for gold to help diversify the limited-supply asset component of their portfolios “.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

After actively contributing to the bitcoin rally for the past two months, institutions do not therefore seem demobilized while the bar of 20,000 dollars continues to be desired.


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