Philip Kok: Rather classic Martini spice than Christmas sweetness

‘I’m tired of all those sugary Christmas TV commercials’, argues Philip Kok (The Valley),’ The one even sweeter than the other. It has become a competition for agencies who make the best Christmas TVC, instead of the retailers wondering what this really does to their brand. ‘

All that sweet junk and purpose movies with a sensitive piano tune underneath can be stolen from me. I want to see commercials again that I am jealous of because I wanted to make them myself with our agency. Which I rewind because I want to see it again. And again.

I am going back to the year 1993. I was 25 years old then and I still sometimes think back to that great TV commercial that Martini played on the TV back then. Advertising as it was once conceived. Cinematic, sexy, actors, branding, composed music.

Happy Christmas everyone ;-) ????

Philip Kok
owner and ceo The Valley

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