Management boss 70+: 5 pieces of advice from the Trigema managing director

Trigema boss Wolfgang Gruppimago images / DeFodi

# 1 work instead of retirement

More and more people continue to work after reaching retirement age. This is not always due to financial constraints, as Wolfgang Grupp suspected in an interview with the “7 years longer” initiative of German insurers. “It can of course be the case that someone continues to work because their pension is insufficient. I’m 78 and I don’t have to do this for financial reasons. I like to work ”, said the managing director of the textile company Trigema.

# 2 Hold seniors

Grupp encouraged other company leaders to value older employees in particular. “I have retirees in my company who have voluntarily said that I will stay for another two or three years. I was grateful because of course I urgently needed the resources and skills of these people ”, reported the grandson of the company’s founder Josef Mayer (Trigema stands for“ Trikotwarenfabrik GEbrüder Mayer ”).

# 3 Older people: convince with performance

In return, Grupp urged older employees to remain ambitious and committed in their jobs. That helps to secure the position in the company. “If I don’t give intelligent answers, then I will not be needed by others. But if I give positive answers, solve problems and am still important to others, then I will certainly not be sidelined, “said the entrepreneur.

# 4 No experiments

Remaining agile, but not great experiments – this is what a good career plan for Grupp looks like shortly before retirement. “Of course you have to keep up with the times and try new things. But to think that you have to go into politics when you are old, for example, because you think you’re super smart, I don’t think so, ”he said. “Shoemaker stick to your last. That is ten times better than 20 start-ups, which in the end are all nothing. “

# 5 Work as long as you need to

The Trigema boss has no plan if he wants to retire. He puts this decision in strange hands. “As long as I have the health and the strength that I can still work here and, above all, get the feeling from my family and my employees that they still like to see and need me, it would be fatal if I said goodbye me now to retire, ”said Grupp. “Because I enjoy work, it is not a burden for me.”

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