Lloyd Fonds raises forecast – high performance fee expected

Lloyd Fonds have issued the forecast for 2020. The Hamburg-based financial services provider expects a profit before minorities of at least 1.5 million euros for the second half of 2020. This would improve the result by more than 5 million euros compared to the first half of the year. Only a balanced half-year result was expected for the period from July to December. On an EBITDA basis, a profit of at least 3.2 million euros is to be achieved in the second half of the year, which would bring Lloyd Fonds into the black on a full-year basis after an operating loss of around 2.4 million euros in the first half of the year.

On an EBITDA basis, the Hamburg-based company is now expecting at least a profit of 1.0 million euros on Monday. “Compared to the previous year, in which EBITDA was still -9.7 million euros, the positive effects from the integration of SPSW GmbH into the Lloyd Fonds Group were taken into account for the first time,” said Lloyd Fonds.

In terms of results, the company benefits from the strong price development on the stock exchange, which is why a high contribution to earnings is expected from fund management in the Lloyd Fonds division in 2020. Expect a performance fee of at least 7.5 million euros for the mixed fund Lloyd Fonds – WHC Global Discovery.

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With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute.

With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute: Corona and the miraculous increase in money in Europe
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