Just in time for the birthday: Smartbroker manages assets worth 2 billion euros

December 16, 2020

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Exactly a year ago they were able to use the Smartbroker for the first time securities are traded. Due to the strong increase in interest in stock market topics, the corona-related market movements and excellent reviews from specialist magazines, the product has grown faster than expected. 365 days after the start, the Berlin online broker has already opened more than 70,000 accounts and manages assets worth 2 billion euros. This was announced by the operating company, wallstreet: online capital AG, on Wednesday.

With all brands (e.g. the independent fund broker, the financial service provider even has assets under management of over 4 billion euros. It wasn’t until November 6 that the company passed the 3 billion euro mark.

According to information from wallstreet: online capital AG, the average deposit volume of the already active customers is around 40,000 euros. The value clearly exceeds the numbers of the competitors, which averaged EUR 30,000. In the opinion of Smartbroker CEO Thomas Soltau, the comparison makes it clear that one’s own broker also appeals to wealthy investors and professional traders. “The majority of our customers use the Smartbroker as the main custody account and trades very regularly with amounts well into the four-digit range, ”said Soltau.

On the occasion of its first birthday, the company released another number: the age of the Smartbroker customers is on average 41.8 years – this puts the Berlin online broker exactly between the values ​​that, for example, the US provider Robinhood and the more traditionally oriented Deutsche Bank have published.


The smart broker sees itself neither as a typical representative of the so-called neobroker nor as a typical representative of the previous online brokers or house banks and thus addresses almost all target groups. According to Soltau, the company’s own product combines the advantages of both worlds. “We are sometimes even cheaper than a neo broker. At the same time, however, we offer quality, service and options that are known from the “classic” brokers. Our customers have full access to all German stock exchanges and trade from as little as 0 euros, ”explained Soltau, who considers this balancing act to be the smart broker’s secret of success.

Soltau plans to start its own smartphone application for the Android and iOS operating systems in 2021. At the same time, the developers are working on a new and clearer trading platform. Both projects are to be implemented in the course of the coming year. Marketing is to be expanded in cooperation with Berlin-based wallstreet: online AG (ISIN: DE000A2GS609). This also includes intensive exchange with the financial community on the stock exchange portals,, and

“Of course we want to continue to grow and continue the dynamic development from the first year,” said Soltau about the next goals. “That’s why we talk to a lot of investors, listen carefully and see where we can improve. The users of the stock exchange portals are a great help to us, we have designed our broker according to their wishes. “

The Smartbroker Board sees itself well prepared for the next growth phase. The company has invested heavily in employees, established numerous processes in customer management and promoted the expansion of structures – accordingly there are enough reserves for the next stage.

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