Hema will be closed from Thursday

This means, among other things, that Hema will close all branches on Thursday because of this tightening. It is expected that retail chains such as Action and Wibra will also follow. Only stores that generate at least 70 percent of their sales from subsistence items such as food and drink, drugstore items, cleaning products, personal care and pet food should remain open. In addition, an exception applies for shops with a separate department for foodstuffs. If they have their own entrance, they may also open the doors, according to this De Volkskrant. Minister Ferd Grapperhaus (Justice) said in an explanation of the decision that he does not want to mention names. “But if you sell half dresses and pants and half sausages, then you can’t open.”

Action, Hema and Wibra fall under the so-called hybrid stores. Read on here.
(PvWK, source: Volkskrant and ANP)

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