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Flixbus cancels trips from December 17th

Doesn’t drive – Flixbus has changed its plans again due to the lockdown. (Archive image) Photo: dpa / Jörg Carstensen

The long-distance bus company does not offer any trips between December 17 and January 11. The money for trips that have already been paid for should be refunded. A voucher is also available to those affected.

Munich – The long-distance bus provider Flixbus does not want to offer any trips between December 17th and January 11th in view of the recent shutdown. Customers who have already booked a trip will now be contacted and given their money back, the company announced on Tuesday. In addition, they received a Flixbus voucher worth 15 euros for a trip in the coming year. “The company is reacting to the decision of the Prime Minister’s Conference in Germany to implement a new nationwide lockdown,” it said.

Flixbus had already temporarily ceased operations on November 3rd due to the new corona contact restrictions in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. The company wanted to resume operations for Christmas and into the New Year. These plans are now off the table. “Please refrain from traveling that is not absolutely necessary,” said Flixbus managing director André Schwämmlein to customers.

The English word lockdown means curfew, shutdown is understood to mean the closure or shutdown of businesses or shops. Since the beginning of the corona pandemic, both terms have often been used in the German language for serious restrictions on social or economic life.

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