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ExklusivTauber warns CDU of campaign against the Greens

In mid-January, the CDU elects a new chairman. The election is also a decision on the party’s direction after the Merkel eraimago images / Patrick Scheiber

Former CDU general secretary Peter Tauber has warned his party not to lead the federal election campaign in 2021 as a campaign against the Greens. The Greens are the “main opponent in the election campaign”. But “the idea that we could win the election against the Greens by demonizing them will go in the pants,” said Tauber in a debate on the future of the CDU that published in its January issue. The occasion is the election of a new party leader in mid-January, which is also a decision on the future direction of the party.

Ex-Secretary General Tauber referred in the discussion round to the black-green state government in his home state Hesse and controversial construction projects such as the expansion of the A49 and the new airport terminal in Frankfurt, for which a green minister would be responsible. “We need something better against the Greens than the story that they are the downfall of the West,” he said. “We have to put the Greens in the matter, but without foam at the mouth.” In addition, the Union must not neglect the dispute with the SPD.

On the other hand, Junge Union boss Tilman Kuban spoke out in favor of a tough argument with the possible coalition partner. “We must not say: We do not attack the Greens,” he said in the debate. At the same time, he criticized the fact that during the time under Chancellor Angela Merkel the party had “forgotten” how to “make its own CDU positions clear”. “In the past, too often we have just declared the compromise,” said Kuban. The CDU must make the differences between the parties in the middle clear again. This is a central task for the new party leader.

The new will be released on December 17th

As a specific example, the JU boss cited the CO2 requirements for cars in the European Union. If “completely over-ambitious” goals are to be decided in Brussels, “then you have to say: No, we won’t go along with it. That is leadership, ”said Kuban. He missed this in the current federal government.

The State Secretary in the NRW Ministry of Integration, Serap Guler, rejected the statement that Merkel had led the CDU too far to the left during her time as head of government. This accusation completely ignores the fact that society as a whole has changed, said Guler, who is also a member of the CDU federal executive committee. “A people’s party that wants to remain a people’s party must not ignore these changes.”

At the same time, Guler warned the Christian Democrats against a “break with the Merkel era” in the event of Friedrich Merz being elected as the new CDU leader. “We will scare away many people who may have chosen us only because of Angela Merkel, so that in the end the danger of a Green Chancellor with a party leader Merz will be much greater,” said Guler, who supports the candidacy of NRW Prime Minister Armin Laschet. Even with Laschet, there will be no simple “business as usual”.

Herrenknecht calls for a focus on economic policy

In contrast, the entrepreneur Martin Herrenknecht called for a massive course correction. The CDU recently “more or less swallowed the SPD” said the head of the world market leader of the same name for tunnel boring machines, who has been a CDU member for almost 40 years, in the capital conversation. With a view to the high government spending in the Corona crisis, he added: “Anyone who thinks normally knows that it cannot work in the long term if we distribute money with the watering can.” Therefore, the CDU must again focus more on personal responsibility.

Herrenknecht spoke out in favor of Friedrich Merz as party leader and candidate for chancellor of the Union: “We now need a chairman who clearly focuses on economic policy again”. At the same time, he accused the Greens of being “daydreamers” who pursued unaffordable policies, such as the energy transition. I’m terrified of the idea that Ms. Baerbock or Mr. Habeck could take over the Chancellery, ”said Herrenknecht.

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