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Following the recent announcement of the Global Payments app, Elrond eGold is listed on eToroX. Elrond, the blockchain designed to improve throughput and execution speed over existing decentralized networks by 1,000 ratio, has announced that its eGold token will join the list of cryptocurrencies in the eToro ecosystem by listing on eToroX.

A partner of choice

As a reminder, EToroX is the cryptocurrency exchange of eToro. This platform was designed for institutions as a secure, fast and efficient crypto exchange!

eToro is a growing unicorn, currently weighing $ 2.5 billion and provides digital asset management services to more than 15 million users, who can trade in stocks, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies.

Driven by the recent rise in the interest of institutional investors and individuals in the Bitcoin (BTC), which has hit new price records since its all-time high in 2017, the maturing cryptocurrency market is expected to easily surpass the global capitalization of $ 1,000 billion and continue to grow following a rapid adoption trajectory.

All of this prompted eToro to capitalize and seize the opportunities of emerging markets as well as to expand its cryptocurrency portfolio after a 12-month hiatus.

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Elrond continues his mad rise

Elrond is a public blockchain that provided the first truly scalable sharding architecture solution capable of delivering over 15,000 transactions per second and scaling even further, since it completed 263,000 transactions per second in public testing.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

If we take as a point of comparison the 7 transactions per second of the network Bitcoin and the 14 transactions per second of that Ethereum (ETH), the first two cryptocurrencies currently, Elrond can be said to be the equivalent of high-speed internet compared to the first, very slow internet connections.

Recently, Elrond also announced the launch of its digital wallet and its international payments application called Maiar ; it is scheduled for January 31, 2021.

Thanks to Maiar, Elrond is preparing to go through a period of intense growth and accelerate its widespread adoption because in addition to cryptocurrency, the app will gradually provide the same functionality as PayPal, Venmo, and Google Pay but without collecting personal information. and at much lower fixed costs.

Beniamin Mincu, CEO and Founder of Elrond Network, said “During its ten years of existence, Bitcoin has proven that cryptocurrencies are secure and can play an important role in the internet economy. Elrond crosses a new frontier by delivering Internet-wide blockchain performance, and an intuitive application called Maiar, through which we will try to introduce blockchain to a billion people.


Cryptoassets are highly volatile unregulated investment products. No EU investor protection. Your capital is at risk.

Elrond’s eGold will debut in the eToro ecosystem on Tuesday, December 23, when it becomes available on the eToroX crypto market. The project is in its very early stages but has already signed many quality partnerships, and its price is being felt! In strong growth in recent weeks, it is not clear what could stop Elrond and its eGold. The project and the team are serious, the token has a loyal and solid community … As they say in the cryptocurrency ecosystem: To The Moon? In any case, the price did not wait for you!


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