Dream house: well-filled pipeline

At Traumhaus, you are not exactly sure how 2020 will go. The forecast range is correspondingly broad. This becomes clear at the virtual Munich Market Conference (MKK). The Wiesbaden-based company is expecting sales of EUR 73 million to EUR 88 million for the year to come. EBITDA is expected to be between EUR 7.6 million and EUR 9.0 million. In 2019, Traumhaus came to 86.37 million euros or 8.11 million euros.

Much depends on whether purchase contracts are signed this year or whether there are changes in ownership and how public authorities work. The upcoming lockdown could affect the work accordingly.

Dream house boss Otfried Sinner does not yet want to make a forecast for 2021. The situation is too unclear for that. In his presentation at the MKK, however, he refers to the well-filled pipeline of properties. This is the basis for new buildings and thus for further growth. However, Sinner does not want to give a more precise outlook until the first quarter of 2021.

Traumhaus didn’t get too much of the pandemic. Only two customers withdrew from their purchase request due to the pandemic. There was no short-time work on the construction sites, everything went smoothly. The supply chains did not cause any problems either.

On the sales side, Traumhaus has recently achieved some success. A project in Wiesbaden-Erbenheim is fully reserved. All 47 units were delivered to the man within a few weeks. In Gelnhausen, the 18 available units look identical. The demand for the houses of the company listed in m: access is still there.

The work is made easier by an official notification. At the beginning of December, the building permit was granted for a new production facility for Traumhaus, in which parts of the wall will be prefabricated. The plant is scheduled to go into operation in mid-2021.

Livestream on December 14th, 2020 from 6 p.m .:

With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute.

With Hans-Werner Sinn, former President of the Ifo Institute: Corona and the miraculous increase in money in Europe
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