Deutsche Bank shares: the turning point beckons! – Chart analysis

With indications between EUR 8.92 and EUR 9.00, the Deutsche Bank share could start the day on a friendly basis. Following the latest price development and yesterday’s XETRA closing price for the DAX stock at EUR 8.919 (+1.41 percent), new technical impulses await here. Previously, the share price of Deutsche Bank had fallen in a consolidation movement after the upward movement from 6.753 euros to the most recent reaching 9.833 euros. For three trading days in a row, the financial stock was able to stabilize at the lower Bollinger band (9.725 euros), with daily lows between 8.738 euros and 8.795 euros.

In terms of chart technology, the consolidation movement has not yet been shelved. But the chances of the turnaround increase. To do this, however, the Deutsche Bank share would have to overcome the first smaller and larger hurdles nearby. While the range between EUR 8.738 and EUR 8.795 remains a technical support zone for the Deutsche Bank share price, the EUR 9.01 / 9.05 range forms a first hurdle for the Bank share. But that is only the beginning, the area is reinforced by a significantly stronger chart-technical resistance zone in the range 9.17 / 9.27 euros.

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