CureVac share slightly up: The decisive phase begins – no US test subjects

After the significant consolidation of the last few days, the CureVac share seems to be on the brink of a friendly start to the week. Current indications, but still of limited significance, are quoted for the biotech share at 98.50 / 99.00 euros. On Friday, the share of the Tübingen-based company, which has been in the headlines for months because of its COVID-19 vaccine project CVnCoV and has been listed since August, went out of Tradegate for EUR 97.53.

It is also a message about CVnCoV that is responsible for the slight plus this morning. VureVac begins the global pivotal pivotal trial of the vaccine, which is several months behind in development BioNTechs BNT162, already approved in some countries, and Moderna’s vaccine candidates lags behind. More than 35,000 subjects are expected to take part in the phase 2b / 3 clinical study. Noticeable: No study centers in the USA will be involved in the study; tests are only carried out in Europe and Latin America. “In addition to the primary assessment of safety, the study design includes two central efficacy goals: to demonstrate the effectiveness of CVnCoV to prevent the first signs of confirmed COVID-19 infections of any severity and to prevent moderate to severe confirmed COVID-19 cases in participants who are still were not infected with SARS-CoV-2, ”said CureVac on Monday about the study goals.


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